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Your Success is Our Success

Become Awesome Together

Our Story

Founded by our wonderful leader, Ms. Ting Chiu, our holistic programs have not only helped students enroll into the school of their dreams, but have also helped them attain over 100 million dollars in scholarships, grants and savings since 2012. As a 501c(3) organization, Awesome Team currently partners with different coaches and companies to guide and assist students of all ages, from 6th grade all the way to PhD students. Awesome Team is also certified to award students with the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award as long as the student meets the requirement. We hope that through our services, students and their families are able to navigate their way through the US college system with confidence and peace of mind. 

Writing Coaching

SAT/ACT Study Class

Study Skills Classes

Music/Arts Consulting

Independent Projects

AI Based Coaching

Graduate Based Consulting

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